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What Women Really Think of Penis Size

Everyone has heard the old adage, ‘Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.’ But is it really true?  Can you compensate for a small penis size with good technique?  We decided the best way to find out was to ask women.  If you are considering penis enlargement pills or any penis enlargement program we suggest you read on to hear what women are saying.

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I want to be honest.  When a woman says “size doesn’t matter”…guess what?  It’s a lie.  What do you think we gossip about with our girl friends?  Trust me, just because we’re girls it doesn’t mean we don’t talk about sex.  We ALL talk all about our boyfriends’ penis size, if he’s good at sex and if he can please us with his member.  Please know that…
(Monica, A comment from a female reader posted in a newsgroup)

If I ask any of my girl friends if she prefers a big dick versus a small dick, she’ll say “a big dick,” every time….
(Tina, Submited at site)

I was pretty skeptical about having my boyfriend take penis enlargement pills, but I can say now that I’m a big fan.  My boyfriend started off with about a 5 ½ inch penis.  In only 2 months he is now 7 inches long and has a much wider girth.  Sex is just PHENOMENAL now thanks to those penis enlargement pills!
(Amber L., Submited at site)

I recently broke up with my boyfriend, Jeremy.  I always loved him but it was very hard for him to please me in bed.  He was very small (around 4 inches) and let’s just say, it always felt like he would get “lost” inside me.  I am seeing someone new and wow, the sex is SO much better.  My new guy has an 7 inch penis, and let’s just says that I’m VERY thrilled by this difference.  I have so much better sex and I’m so much more sexually attracted to my new guy, it’s not even funny. 
(Kimberly, Posted on Marie Clair Blog)

Bigger actually IS better.  Sorry, but the truth hurts guys!
(Emily, Submited at site)

I honestly don’t really care if my guy if so long as much as if he’s nice and thick.  Nothing feels better than a deep, hard thrust from a man with a nice, thick girth. 
(Lindsay, posted on a "what woman think" discussion forum)

You just get so much more excited and willing when the guy has a great big cock.  You feel like you’re in a porno or something. 
(From a recent fashion magazine , said by a member of the magazine staff)

I know it sounds sssooo mean, but sometimes I laugh about a guy with a small penis size to my girl friends.  It’s kind of pathetic looking if the guy is puny…
(April, Submited at site)

I love when a man is 7 inches or over.  It’s the best feeling during sex.  Ever...
(Teresa, Submited at site)

Nothing is more disappointing than coming home with a really hot guy and finding out that he falls “short”.  Really short….like, 4 or 5 inches.  It’s such a turn off- it’s not even funny.  The rest of the night I’m only pretending to enjoy myself because I don’t want to offend him or hurt his feelings.  But I’m just thinking about something else and trying to pass the time.
(Angi, Submited at site)

Nothing felt better than having sex with my ex-boyfriend, Peter.  He had this really wide, thick dick that always seemed to do the trick at getting me off.  I would never admit it to my new boyfriend, but it’s just not the same with a guy that has a thin penis.  It actually really sucks.  L  I really want him to take one of those penis enlargement pills or to try one of those penis enlargement extenders or something, but I’m afraid that he’ll get offended.
(ED, Submitted at site)

I hate to say this but Jewish guys have really awful, small penises.  They don’t know how to use them and they come too quickly.  I really want my boyfriend to use Vimax or another penis enlargement pill, because I’ve heard really good things about them.  Now I want to see it for myself! 
(tit, Submitted at site)

I’m picky when it comes to penises.  I’ve actually thrown a few guys out of bed because what I saw in their pants didn’t impress me.  I would just say I was “too tired” or “not in the mood” or something.  When you’re a hot girl with choices, you don’t have to settle for a tiny, little penis.  Sorry if that makes me a bitch, but, whatever. 
(Elana, woman discussion forum)

“Size doesn’t matter” is one of the oldest lies out there.  It’s like a guy saying: “It doesn’t matter if the girl is hot…”  Both are just total b.s. 
(Karen,Submitted at site)