Penis enlargement exercises are among the most popular methods of enlargement, and why not? They are extremely effective, they don't require any pills, patches or apparatus, and they depend on the hard science of "Exercise equals muscle growth".  It's important to note that the top penis enlargement exercise programs provide detailed routines, health information, safe practice guidance and regimes tailored to your own personal goals - it's kind of like having a personal trainer. All we have time for here is to give a brief introduction to a few of the most popular and most effectice exercises. The two top penis enlargement exercises we're going to get into today are jelquing and hanging.


The top penis enlargement experts agree that jelqing is the safest and most efficient enlargement exercise. It involves gripping the base of the penis with the 'ok' grip, made by touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the pinky facing out, away from the body. With the penis semi-erect, blood is forced up toward the head of the penis, where the grip is released and the process starts again. Jelqing is an effective way to increase blood flow to the penis, thereby stimulating cell growth and strengthening the muscles that are contracted in erections. As well as inciting penis growth, jelqing also improves ejaculation control and sensitivity during sex. 


Hanging is a more drastic and potentially dangerous approach to penis enlargement, although its history traces back hundreds of years to small African tribes who practiced this technique to improve size and fertility.

Hanging involve fastening a piece of string or rubber tubing just behind the head of the penis and affixing a weight to the other end. Always start with a very light weight for a short duration, and gradually increase both as you get a feel for what you can handle. If you intend to try hanging we recommend a considerable amount of research first. Working within a penis exercise program is definitely best. 


We recommend you keep it simple, and jelqing is the simplest, safest, and most effective exercise you can use. We recommend going very slowly at first, stopping when you feel pain. It's really just like weight training, except the muscle group you're working on is a touch more sensitive than most! If you keep it safe and steady you'll be well on your way to a bigger penis in no time. Joining a penis exercise regime is