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How To Use A Penis Pump Pump & Do They Actually Work?

Do penis pumps work? The answer is yes, penis pumps work, but they actually work to correct erectile dysfunction, and have not been proven as a penis enlargement technique. The penis pump then, is highly-effective and well proven method to reach and maintain erection and is a great natural alternative to Viagra.

How Does The Penis Pump Work?

A penis pump is a cylindrical pump that bears great resemblance to a bicycle pump. When the cylinder is placed over the penis, a vacuum is created around the penis, filling it with blood and causing it to expand. This in turn draws blood into the penis making it temporarily larger and harder.
Penis pumping is not a penis enlarging technique, but it does help to create erection in those with erectile dysfunction. According to "Medicine Net", studies show that 50-80% of men are satisfied overall with penis pumping. Penis pumping is safe, well tested and has been known to help men with poor blood flow to the penis, diabetics, those with colon and prostate conditions and those who have nervousness and depression which cause some impotence problems.

NOTE: Pumping too much or too aggressively can actually harm the penis and cause damage to it, instead of helping to obtain erection.  Make sure to follow the directions included with your device when embarking upon penis pumping.

Directions For Penis Pumping

IMPORTANT: Make sure that before using any penis pump that you read and full understand the instructions provided in your specific penis pump. These are general instructions for use with most pumps when penis pumping.

  1. Most penis pumps have a ring around the bottom to help seal the pump and to protect the penis against chaffing. Start by lubricating your penis with a thick, good quality lubricant.
  2. Now, put your penis in the pump through this ring. It is a good idea to trim your public hair, as this can prevent the pump from making a good seal.
  3. Now start by either pumping the provided hand-held device or push the button on the electric pump which does this for you.
  4. The penis pump will now start creating suction and drawing blood in the area. The penis will get bigger and thicker and more swollen. This will take about 3-5 minutes to do so.
  5. Now take your penis out of the pump. Your penis will be bigger until the end of your orgasm, and will go back to its normal size and shape after this time.

Precautions and Things To Know When Penis Pumping

  1. Make sure you know where the safety release valve is when penis pumping. Testicles can actually get sucked up into the tube while pumping. Prevent the worst and know how to quickly release the safety release valve!
  2. Vascular damage can occur if you apply too much pressure to your penis, so please, go slow and do not over pump yourself. Ruptured capillaries and blood vessels can result in internal bleeding bruises on the penis. In very extreme cases this internal bleeding can result in Peyronie's disease or permanent disfigurement or even impotence.
  3. The most common negative side effects of overpumping are a slight discoloration of the penis, blisters and fewer, softer erections from negative effects on blood circulation from over pumping.
  4. If for any reason you start feeling pain, stop immediately and consult your doctor.
  5. Limit all sessions to 20 minutes or under and remember, start with the least amount of pressure until you figure out your limitations. No one wants a blistered, disfigured penis.

Conclusions About Penis Pumps

We hope that this page has been a helpful resource to those searching for information about penis pumps. Remember to read all of the directions first on your specific pump and ask your doctor if you have any specific questions. While a penis pump cannot be used in your regimen of penis enlargement techniques, penis pumping is effective for helping to treat the effects of erectile dysfunction and for helping to reach an erection.

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